Experiencing God through a Child’s Eye

And said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

This week I was surrounded by child galore. My family is in town visiting for the summer and that means roughly one half of my nearly 20 nieces and nephews would be surrounding me for two weeks. So what better time to sit down and talk about the Lord? We all experience God differently. He talks to us all in different ways. And if we are being  completely honest, we all choose to follow him in different ways. I mean come on, we took the bible and managed to split it up in a gazillion denominations. How does that happen?

So there has to be something different when you are a kid! Children are pure at heart and so unashamed of their love for God. They aren’t concerned with the dress code for a Sunday morning or the eternal debate of speaking in tongues. This is something we only choose to concern ourselves with as we get older. God changes for us, and we change for God, sometimes not necessarily in the best way. So what do kids have figured out that we don’t?


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Mackenzie: (Far Left) Niece, 10 years old, SASSY, so so sassy. Funny. Crazy Smart.

Kolleen: (Middle) Niece, 9 years old, most honest, sometimes brutally so. Always singing about her love for God.

Alexis: (Far Right) Niece, 5 years old, younger sister of Mackenzie, sweetest ever. Always hungry.


I decided to take each child out on the front porch separately and ask them a series of questions. Doing it this way made it where their answers could not be easily influenced by the other. The joke was on me, because their answers….nearly EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM coincided with the others. If that is not God’s truth flowing from their mouths, it is one heck of a coincidence. However, as someone who constantly sees God’s hand in everything, I’m not sure where I stand on the idea of coincidence. I asked them many questions, but today I will only tell you about the top 4.

Question 1: Who is God?

Mackenzie: “Jesus”

Me: “Yes, but who is he?”

Mackenzie: “God is the one who created life and everything. He also helped Jonah and Moses one time.”


Kolleen: “He is the person that when we pray, he answers our prayers and he helps us and lives inside of us so he can watch over us and keep it us safe. I know that he saved Noah and all the animals when he said build an ark and he helped Jonah because Jonah was in the whale. Jonah prayed and God helped him.”


Alexis: “He lives up in the sky. He made songs.”

Question 2: Do you love God/Does God love you?

Mackenzie: “Yes. And God loves everyone, even if you do something really bad”

Me: “Is there anything someone can do to make God stop loving them?”

Mackenzie: “No there’s nothing. Nothing can happen that will make God not love you.”


Kolleen: “Yes and yes”

Me: “How do you know?”

Kolleen: “Because in the bible it says God loves everyone even if you do really bad stuff. He loves you but he’s just a little bit mad at you.”


Alexis: “Yes”

Me: “Why do you love God?”

Alexis: “Because he’s a nice God, he does nice things for us.”

Question 3: Some people don’t like God, why do you think that is?

Mackenzie: “People don’t Like God???”

Me: “Some people don’t, why do you think they don’t like him?”

Mackenzie: ” Because sometimes people get really mad at him because he says they can’t do things they’re wanting to do”


Kolleen: “Because they follow the devil”

Me: “What if they aren’t trying to follow the devil?”

Kolleen: “They might not know that Jesus is real. And some people think since we can’t see Jesus or God we can do what we want but he is always watching and his angels are watching.:


Alexis: “Because they do bad stuff.”

Me: “Do they not like God telling them what to do?”

Alexis: “Yeah, people don’t like that.”

Question 4: What is the nicest thing God has ever done for you?

Mackenzie: “Created everyone in my whole family.”


Kolleen: “Give me siblings, and a mom, my family.”


Alexis: “Get us a dollhouse!”


Bonus: What do you think everyone should know about God?

“I think everyone should love God because he created you, your whole life. You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. Tell him how thankful you are to have him. I think people should love him because he loves them.”

This interview was short. Their answers were simple. My whole point of posting this simple little interview is because like these children, our relationship with God should be this simple too. He loves us, so we should love him. God is good, all the time. I mean, if you don’t believe me, Alexis has a pretty cool dollhouse that God gave her that could really knock anyone’s disbelief far far away.

Simplicity & Just Pure Love. That’s what it’s like experiencing God through a child’s eye.

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