Strong Forgotten Women of the Bible: Intro


We all know Eve.

and Ruth.

and Delilah.

and Esther.

and Mary.

and Mary Magdalene.

But we also all know Noah.

and Jonah.

and Samson.

and David.

and Solomon.

and Moses.

and John.

and Peter.

and so, so many more.

My whole life I was well aware of the fact that the list of influential women throughout the Bible in no way even measured close to the list of influential men throughout the Bible. However, I never questioned it. I was raised in the south, shaped by a very Southern belief system. Although my mom has always been and continues to be a VERY independent woman, I was not blind to the universal belief that women have a specific role and not a very large one, especially throughout the Bible.

I have never considered myself a feminist, nor will I probably ever. It was my belief that if I walked into a job I would be treated and paid equally. If not, it would end up being their loss, and I would never give a second thought about it. I never felt as if being a women hindered me from opportunities because my faith lies in God and whatever he has in store for me WILL come to pass. Because of this, I never felt the need to fight or beg others to open doors for me because it’s “fair” because I knew they would already be opened once I got there because I had sent God before me.

“…..Does not the Lord go out before you?…..” Hebrews 4:14

The only reason the lack of women from the Bible bothered me so is because the women most talked about were the kind, simple, humble, and quiet women. Although these are all qualities a woman should strive after, where were the women like me?

I begin to feel that my “work hard, do great, authoritative attitude” I had must be a sin.
I was beginning to feel guilty and more confused than ever. I was confused because I had been praying and opening myself to whatever God had in store for me but it all seemed to contradict with this “Sit still, be pretty” belief I had believed was the only option.

Then he introduced me to Deborah.

and then Jael.

From there has began to show me this list of strong women throughout the Bible that I didn’t even know existed up until recently. These were women I could relate to, these were women God had used in his plans in the same ways that he had used men.

I do not feel these women are talked about enough, so we are going to talk about them.

Join me as I begin my study on the strong forgotten women of the Bible. Tomorrow, lets talk about Deborah and Jael.

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